Best Companies for LGBT Workers in Rural America

In this day and age, many big name companies cater to the LGBT Community. However, if you live in the middle of nowhere, you will definitely find it harder to land a LGBT friendly rural job. 

Unfortunately, not every company holds their own pride parade such as Amazon’s GLAmazon or Google’s Virtual Pride but in your job search, you will find that there are many available LGBT friendly job options for you, even in rural America.

What Makes a Company LGBT Friendly:

The Human Rights Campaign recent conducted a Corporate Equality Index, where they rating firms on the following four key attributes:

  • Non-discrimination policies across business entities;
  • Equitable benefits for LGBT workers and their families;
  • Internal education and accountability metrics to promote LGBTQ inclusion competency; and,
  • Public commitment to LGBTQ equality.

LGBT Policy Progress: 

In their report, HRC noted progress has been made by firms as a whole to provide a better workplace for the LGBT community and significant progress has been made by firms to adopt transgender-inclusive initiatives. In fact, 83% ofFortune 500 firms provide gender identity protections in their policies, andeven 58% of Fortune 500 firms provide transgender-inclusive health care.

LGBT Friendly Companies in Rural America:

Listed below are the highest rated companies that commonly exist in rural America. Shown beside each company name is HRC’s CEI Index score. Scores are provided on a 0-100 CEI rating, with 0 being the worst LGBT policies and 100 being the best. For a complete listing and details on each company’s policy, visit the full guide here.

Transgender-Inclusive Health Insurance Coverage:

While job searching, individuals of the transgender community are typically most interested in the availability of transgender-inclusive health insurance coverage.  We recently highlighted transgender-related health care to break down what is covered and what is not covered. The savings in out of pocket costs for standard trans-related medical procedures when health insurance helps cover procedures is jaw-dropping. Below is a breakdown of rural LGBT friendly jobs that offer transgender-inclusive health insurance coverage. 

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